Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whimsical Art for a 7 year old Ballerina

A while back I had to complete a very fun little project.  
I was requested to do 3 whimsical paintings for my niece who got a room makeover around her 7th birthday.  
Her room's new theme was to be French Vintage/Ballet in Lilac and Antique White with bits of ballet pink thrown in.  
She is seriously into horses right now, recently became proud mama of a baby Basset Hound and her favourite wild animal is a giraffe.  
I had to incorporate whimsical faces as well. was quite a tall order to bring all the elements together, but here they are. 
And most importantly - she was over the moon - which is the best reaction any godmother could've hoped for!


Leon Foxwings said...

I'd be over the moon if I got something like that for my room too :)

Anel Stricker said...'re so sweet! Happy you like it. Thanks Leon!