Friday, February 13, 2015

A Rustic Centrepiece for Valentine's .....or Anyday

Here at Maison Majorelle, we have a birthday celebration and Valentine's Day in the same week.  
So we mix the two up a bit.  

Valentine's has grown into a very viable commercial celebration, which is great for business after the post-Christmas/New Years' slump in sales. 
But being present in the moment, to me, includes celebrating something everyday anyway.
So for us, Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers, but a way to celebrate the love we feel for each other, our daughter, for family, for friends. 
And this year, I'd like to stick to "handmade" as much as I can when it comes to gifts and celebrations.

So our celebratory table is very rustic - created from a couple of things we have in the house.
So simple that my 4 year old daughter is able to help with the preparation. 
And a great opportunity for creative collaboration with her.

This is what we used:

You need pine cones, a string of battery operated fairy lights, jars or drinking glasses with tea lights inside.  Add any other candles you have on hand.
Always stick to white candles for a fresh and classic feel.

Angeli goes pine cone hunting

Very proud that she was able to find a basket load full!

Here's how:

Step 1: Angeli distributed the pine cones all along the centre of the table - I tweaked it a bit once she was done.
Step 2: Place your candles randomly in-between the cones.
Step 3: Arrange your string lights from one end to the other so that it curls around and under the candles and pine cones.  Hide the little battery pack under some tree bark or a pine cone. 
Step 4: Add some white napkins, red wine, glorious food, great company and you're set! 

Speaking about the small things: 
It was very exciting for Angeli when I asked her to switch on the fairy lights once the set-up was done.  
And when the candles were lit, her little eyes sparkled even more!

Voila! Centrepiece done!

Don't forget dessert!
A selection of berries changes any dessert into something luscious and celebratory

Perfect end to a perfect evening


Leon Foxwings said...

Looks marvellous :)

Anel Stricker said...

Thanks Leon for being so encouraging!