Thursday, March 29, 2012

A place of creative inspiration

There’s a special place in the Free State (one of our South African provinces) where I go to recharge.  It is a place that gets my creative juices flowing.  A place where I go when I need silence to create and to write. A little village that just celebrated its centenary.  Surrounded by sandstone hills and with the majestic Maluti mountains as backdrop, moss green during summer and occasionally snow-clad in winter, this little town isn’t far from the Lesotho border and close to the only two ski resorts in Southern Africa.  A hamlet where each of the weekend cottages which are sporadically being built here, is a shining example of experimental, eco-friendly and non-mainstream architecture.  This is Rosendal.

It is a place where a small but growing congregation of artists live and create and thrive.  Where old wood, scrap metal, discarded books and unwanted furniture become art materials for creating beautiful and fresh artwork. I have just returned from a quick breakaway to the village after a long, long absence.  It was so good to be back there!  To go for long walks in the morning and early evening and watch the light change and see the sunset turn the sandstone cliffs into gold.  To listen to the silence and breathe the wide openness.  To be inspired by the work of the artists in residence.  I hope to be building my own little retreat there quite soon.

Is there a specific place that talks to your heart and fuels your creativity?  I’d love to hear about it!  Please drop me a few lines on your way out.

Here are a few pictures.  There's more to follow, so watch this space!

Goodnight Sweethearts!

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