Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunset Colours and a High Five

This weekend, I had a very quick, very enjoyable play with colour to prepare this week's diary/journal, based on this week's challenge from
The Documented Life Project, which was to use at least 5 layers - and do a "high five"!
Earlier today I passed by one of my favourite clothing stores and the colours in the window made me stop, stare and memorise the combination - orange, candy pink, aubergine and grey.
While I was playing on the page, we had a heavy rain shower, followed by a perfect rainbow and then a glorious sunset.
The sky turned into luminous hues of lilac, pink, orange and gold as the setting sun peeked out just below the rainclouds.
So I just had to play with these colours!  

First layer - stencilling with pink, green and black blow pens.
 Then I started playing around with these wonderfully textured paper squares on the paper.

Second layer - Relief printing with embossed paper
 & distress ink
Layers 3 & 4 - Collage with various textured paper squares - and then - finger painting with pink and lilac acrylic paint
The remaining paint was scraped onto the left hand diary page with an old credit card
Almost done - my worktable says it all!
Add some orange spray ink, 3 numbers, pencil for contrast,
some blue gel pen lines and we're done!

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