Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Adventure into Hobbit Country

I've mentioned previously that we had just returned from 6 days of peaceful solitude.
Here, you won't be surprised to cross paths with Bilbo Baggins on one of your forest walks.
“There is something about it that opens no door to words.”
These are John Steinbeck's words to describe Deer Isle in Maine. 
It fits this magical place perfectly.
Lakenvlei Forest Lodge.

We watched the light change the hues of the landscape hour after hour.
The horses and ponies popped in daily for apples and carrots.
If you ignored them, they would assertively knock on the wooden front steps with their hooves.
The chef's sons and some of the other guests joined us for cycle rides through the pine forests at dusk.
We went rowing in search of freshwater otters and waterbirds everyday.
Marketed as a flyfishing destination, this place has so much more to offer.
I can see an art retreat happening here.
Anyone interested?
Let me hear your thoughts?

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