Saturday, November 9, 2013

Close to my Heart

Taking pictures of the progress of a journal spread or painting really filters out the emotional attachment that I seem to develop while working on something.  
 I tend to work very light. 
Because I'm a watercolourist at heart, you see.  
My darks can, most of the time, be made even darker.  
The camera lens gives me an objective eye to track my progress and the depth of contrast. 
Thank you digital technology! 
And thank you Jane Davenport and Rachelle Panagarry for your inpsiration.

And here is the final spread. 
Supply list: Acrylic and watercolour paint, brayer, acrylic texture paste, spraypaint, handmade stencils, stamps, coloured pencils, collage on watercolour and mulberry paper.

Windows open.

And windows closed.

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