Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Messier the Funner!

When I opened my eyes very early this morning I was staring into the freshly painted red nose of my beaming little 2 year old - with many more green and red paint patches on her face. My first disoriented reaction was to get those little hands away from the white cotton bedding, but then something stopped me.... I realized her excitement and chose to rather make a fuss of the fun she was having. Then I was surprised by another painted adult face above me and I giggled myself awake properly. She and her daddy were having fun in the kitchen - painting on more than just the large sheet of paper they had layed out on the floor! Hands, patches of floor and a few strands of hair were also included in the extended canvas. I wondered how we were going to clean all this up. Then let go of the anxiety. Jumped in and enjoyed it all with them. And you know what? The cleanup took us less than 10 minutes. A teeny weeny price to pay for roughly 90 minutes of full immersion into fun! My toddler teaches me so much about focusing and being in the moment with body, mind and soul. And in the process, my own creativity is I'm off to the studio now.

So when was the last time you had creative fun like a toddler? Try this - I promise, it will recharge you. Give yourself 15 minutes. Grab 2 or 3 colours of any watersoluble paint. Grab a sheet of an old newspaper - yes, you will paint over the print and the pictures....! Dip your fingers into the paint and start doodling. Make basic shapes, dots, swirls, lines. Don't plan or draw anything specific. Just immerse yourself in the colour and the feel of the paint as you slide your fingers on the paper. That's it - done! Wash your hands, throw the newspaper away or leave it to dry. You will feel nourished and refreshed - guaranteed.

Happy weekend sweethearts!

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