Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Resurfacing in Oregon

The Official Oregon Coast Visitor Guide

I've been under the radar.....now I'm resurfacing after a blogging hiatus of several months as l.i.f.e. washed over me like one of those very large, very foamy breakers that make Hawaiian surfers go gaga! I always seem to have so much more to say when I'm on the move and exploring new territories. This is when I feel most alive.

 So this is where I'm at. Portland, Oregon. One of those very creative, very innovative, very crafty, very green places on the planet, where volunteering for community projects seem to have overtaken social media as a preferred approach to networking. Seriously - we need more communities like Portland on this planet. Also, this is what winter should be like - lots of rain, snow slopes within easy reach, log fires, apple cider, lattes and hot chocolate.  I now understand why art journalling has so many followers in the Pacific Northwest.  The weather is conducive to the expression of internal landscapes.

So today we're starting a week long road trip of Oregon and the West Coast.  All the way down to San Diego in sunny California. There is about 2000km between us an our final destination right now - 2000km glistening with sights my eyes have never seen. What bliss!  I am so grateful. We are accompanied by two great American writers - Jack Kerouac's book, "The Lonesome Traveller" and "Travels with Charley" by John Steinbeck. Today we're off to the Mount Hood Ski Area so watch this space for an update!

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Magneto said...

Welkom terug liewe Anellie!!! Kannie wag om al jou stories te lees nie (en ek is SEKER dat SAN DIEGO die hoogtepunt was! :-).