Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday bliss - ethereal escapism at Illyria House

This week I was blessed to be treated by my sister to a luxurious high tea followed by a fabulous foot massage for my birthday.  It turned out to be an artist's date of considerable note! Illyria House in Pretoria was the venue of choice and I was on cloud nine for an entire day following this adventure.  The guesthouse was built in 1942 as a family residence.  The original structure and furniture have been preserved beautifully - the house and terrace reminded me of a bohemian villa with a secret garden somewhere in Prague.  Later, we strolled from one secluded garden room to another and I eventually found myself in a French/Italian style garden with Moorish influences.  Our walk ended in a breathtaking Asian style parlour.  I was whisked to different corners of our planet within the short span of 3 hours. Absolute bliss! Take a look and be inspired!


Murphy's Mom said...

Beautiful! I want more! Happy birthday!

Anel Stricker said...

I'm very late - but thank you for visiting my blog and my birthday wishes! I'm thrilled that you enjoy it!